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Minhui Ris

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Graduate! [Feb. 12th, 2009|10:26 pm]
I've GRADUATED from TEMASEK POLYTECHNIC. Goodbye to school. No more time tables, no more being late for lessons, no more ponning of classes. Woots

I've decided to change my blog link yet again. A new lj blog with more updates, more photos. A new year with a new start. And this will be my last time changing my blog link. And more of it will be locked just for friends. So do add me =) I'll post my lj link as soon as everything is all done. Loves

It was tempting and confusing. But I chose to hold back for if I do, I'll be in trouble. Deep trouble.
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Turn tables [Feb. 2nd, 2009|09:55 pm]
Lady luck wasn't on my side today.

Im proud to say that I failed my NAPFA. So what even I failed, least I tried my best for all the stations despite not exercising for sucha long period of time. I didn't let myself down.

Misunderstandings squabbles for that past few hours. If I was ever doubt by, just reconsider. Dont take the wrong step and even if you do, I say by name that I definitely won't pay the price and I can never repay you nor would I want to.

And I realised, I was a fool last year. Probably the biggest one ever. You make me feel so cheated indirectly. Thank you so much.
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February [Feb. 1st, 2009|10:49 pm]
Last 2 weeks of school already.

Sadly, I didn't get my new toy before CNY. And poof to Vaio. They say it is not worth the money. So it'll either be Acer or Hp and then G-mask!

I realised that Sunday nights are the days for some heart to heart talk with more in depth understanding. It is probably when I'll look back and reflect. =)

Henderson waves is like the hot spot for melayus-.- damn alot. And for bengs and lians. Super turn off.

And some random person just realised and feeling regretful for taking things granted in the past. Why do people always have the tendancy not to treasure what they have placed before their eyes but only cry over it after losing them. It is totally ridiculous. How much effort I've once put in and you see nothing to it. And now you are telling me how much you missed the past and wish everything will be back to square one? Do you think that would be fair to me?

I'm getting interested in Tiffany & Co.
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(no subject) [Jan. 24th, 2009|12:55 pm]
Yipees Im free from all reports. Left with 2 class test and 1 presentation to go. 

I've done all the necessities right before Chinese New Year. Gotten my hair cut - trimmed it and doing hair mask every two days cause my hairstylist complained that my hair condition is really bad. Went for Manicure and Pedicure, painted it with bloody red and hot pink! Threading, and now my brows are clean and neat.

I've been spending way beyond my expenses again. Shopping is just so addictive that I'll soon burn my fingers.

I love dating Olivia out. It'll be an every week thing that we're going out irregardless of what we're gonna do. And I'm so gonna look forward for ur weekly update on your latest and hottest news. Hahaha.

Movies!! Do watch Bride Wars! Its really nice especially girls and their friendship. I'm getting my new toy tomorrow!! VAIO VAIO VAIO is loves.
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Just three words [Jan. 19th, 2009|08:59 pm]
[Listen |Craig David - Insomnia]

Weees just 3 more weeks of school excluding this!!!
Im graduating and getting my butt out of Poly life real soon. And then its out in the working society, facing the god damn pc typing typing and still typing, trying to earn more moolahs (just if I'm able to find a job and some kind soul wanna employ me =D). At the same time, applying for Uni hoping to get my butt in and continue study and ending becoming a geek. Boo.

For the past weeks, I've been busy with rushing and submitting of reports. Finally, Im left with one and final one which is the AWFUL DUMB MSA REPORT - BLOODY ISO9001:2000. Its so horrifying that I wouldn't ever want to clash with this module anymore. After a whole semester of going through this crazy module, I can say I've least learnt the slightest bit out of it. Haha horrible I know, but practically most modules I'm taking this semester are silly. Bo liaos.

Weekends are either busy with gatherings, nightlife or drowning people with drinks because its their birthdays. The realm of getting out of their TEEN life and entering the TY days for their entire life =(

I dislike my phone not beeping off with texts. Boo. Im waiting, still waiting.
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